Lee Wedding Films

Our Process

How we get about creating and delivering your unique wedding film.

The Process of making your Wedding Film

Paige and I will respond to your email and we'll send you the Lee Weddings Guide. Once you've read it over, we'll do our best to answer any questions you have. Then, we set up a meeting! If we're nearby, then we can meet in person; otherwise we'll set up a FaceTime call – either way we'd like to meet face-to-face. We'll discuss the details of your wedding and get to know each other. After that we'll send over a contract. Once the contract is signed and a deposit (transferrable) is paid your wedding will be booked into our Calendar!


1. Pre-Wedding

A couple of weeks before the wedding, we'll ask for a timeline for the day, some special songs and any other requests you have for the day to be emailed to us.

We know you're busy, so that's all we ask.

2. On Your Day

Paige and I will capture the magic of your day.  Paige and I are there to observe, we'll be floating around as inconspicuously as possible – all that we need on the day is dinner :) 

Each wedding is unique, so our approach will occasionally vary based on the on the plan for your wedding.

3. Getting Your Film

Once Paige and I have been able to review and organize all of our footage we will put together a short teaser  video for you to share with friends and family (or keep for yourself). Then we'll work through the footage, assembling your wedding film like a documentary – each one is unique, we don't use a formula. This takes time, but is worth it. Once we've finished, we'll arrange a viewing with you. One of the best parts about creating these films is getting to see your reaction when you receive it – we want to be there for it. The film will be delivered as a digital download link, and available for a year and will be viewable on our website.